10 in 20

10 in 20

August 31, 2020 1 By MamaC

COVID has been a catalyst for change among loss. SOOO MUCH CHANGE!

Each time we are presented a significant opportunity, it’s formed in the crucible of crisis. What we are feeling, is grief.

Ten years ago this month, two traumatized children stepped into our lives. Our party of five became seven over night. Good or bad, we had no earthly idea what lie ahead.

Four short years later, our seven became six over night. God gifted us two children, knowing He would be needing our first born son in His arms again soon.

If we can see adversity as an opportunity to grow in faith, we will see the strength of God shining through.  Adoption certainly did not look the way we expected.  Two beautiful blessings smiling through the darkness of their past.

At first, our older three asked repeatedly, “WHY WILL THEY NOT FOLLOW RULES? WHY WILL THEY NOT LISTEN?” I wasn’t sure of all the why’s, but I did read the thick files handed to us the night before we brought them home.

One evening, I had our original three sit on our bed with me. I asked that they close their eyes and imagine our house burning down and losing all of their toys and possesions. Then, I asked them to imagine that although they got out, their Dad and I did not. Strangers then came to take them away, move them to an unfamiliar place, with MORE strangers, and told they now had NEW parents AND siblings. I asked them to keep their eyes closed and tell me how they felt…

It was tumultuous, blending our family together. Our birth children learned patience, forgiveness, grace and how blessed their lives had been. Our bonus children learned love, trust and faith. We CONTINUE to learn!

Each of our birth children were gifted a middle, family name. When our youngest two arrived at 40 and 60 pounds 🙂 they asked if they could change their middle names. Smiling, I shook my head no, explaining that God KNEW they would be with us one day, as their birth mom had given EACH of them the middle names of their “new” grandparents! Seriously? God amazes me!

We all have a story, our own losses…loved ones, freedoms, a job, our home, our health.

We would never see how strong God is if we never faced adversity. We can choose to abandon faith or stand and be grateful, as He carries us.

Our future may not look the way we expected or desired. There are days I long for our family to be “whole” again. Patient endurance in faith, will open our eyes to His glorious power and might.

Before the loss of our son, I did not see the miracles surrounding us daily. Through the eyes of grief, I’ve learned to look up and witness them. This is the ONLY 2020 vision I desire. 🙂

I don’t know what your fight or adversity looks like. I don’t know how much pain and suffering you must endure. I do know that even when bad things happen to good people, God never leaves us or forsakes us. (Hebrews 13:5)

Never underestimate the darkness of loss nor God’s brilliant light. 

Never judge another with our limited knowledge. 

Walk by faith through deep waters of grief.

Know that because God gave His son for us, there is higher ground waiting.

Peace & Blessings,


The Lord will keep you from all harm — He will watch over your life. Psalm 121:7

Photo: Destin Beach 2020

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