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Beauty and a Beastly Challenge


We currently have three teenagers.  Those five words contain serious emotion for both them and us.  If you have been blessed with raising a teenager, you understand.  It’s been said that when young adults turn 25, they realize and appreciate their parents.  I’m not sure, as we have not experienced the age of 25.  Our…

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10 in 20


COVID has been a catalyst for change among loss. SOOO MUCH CHANGE! Each time we are presented a significant opportunity, it’s formed in the crucible of crisis. What we are feeling, is grief. Ten years ago this month, two traumatized children stepped into our lives. Our party of five became seven over night. Good or…

By MamaC August 31, 2020 1

Graduation 2020


When I traded my paid career in the restaurant business three years ago, to homeschool our two youngest children, it was the most difficult job by far.  After this past Spring, many can relate!  They were grateful when I quit sharing my “wisdom” and shared a graduation speech instead. Yesterday, at our son Calvins graduation,…

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What’s your plan?


Good Mourning! 🔆 Did you wake up thinking of your plans for today or this weekend?  I was forever planning…every moment.   When we experience loss, plans change, we change.  The control we thought was ours, disappears.  We fall to our knees, dust off our bible and plead with God to help us make sense…

By MamaC July 27, 2019 0

Connor John ~


Today marks 4.5 years since our son left this earth. Some days, it is still hard to breathe. Today, was one of those days.  My heart will forever miss his beautiful smile that exploded everywhere he went. His hilarious jokes and laughter. The endless joy he brought to life.  Our children are truly a gift…

By MamaC April 18, 2019 0