About Me…

About Me…


About Me

I am first and foremost a child of God, John’s wife, and mother of five children.  My passion is my family.  John and I have grown together over the past 24 years to become one strand.

Our oldest son, Connor, was gifted to us for 19 years and was called to Heaven October 18, 2014.  He was bright, charismatic and would bring laughter to a stranger.  Claire was born strong, determined and beautiful.  Charming Calvin, quick witted, and easy going was our baby for nine years until our youngest two joined our family in 2010 through the blessing of adoption.  Callie is kind to everyone, multi-tasks like no other, and loves to learn.  Carter, is wise beyond his years, our happy hugger with all the dance moves!

Through the past several years the lessons I have learned through God’s plan are many.  In hopes of helping others, I humbly share our journey.  I pray these words will encourage, enlighten, entertain and give hope.  I am certain that God does give us things we cannot handle so that He can carry us through.

Blessings & Peace to you!


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