Walking By Faith When Bad Things Happen To Good People


Goodmourningmama.comBad things do happen to good people, but most importantly good things happen to sinners daily. (That’s all of us.) I pray today that the Holy Spirit reaches into hearts and opens eyes to see how truly “present” God is. May hearts open to receive clear understanding of what beautiful, deep, unfailing love is. It…

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Good Mourning Hope Behind Trauma and the Holiday Door.


Goodmourningmama.com‘Tis the season for families to joyfully gather round the table. Yet, there are parents reluctantly opening their eyes in a fog, wondering how they will breathe or how their heart will keep beating, as the holiday season arrives without their child. We are parents of child loss. A loss so horrific there is no…

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When I grow up, I will marry you!


Goodmourningmama.comHe looked up at me with those sparkly, smiling eyes and exclaimed, ”When I grow up, I will marry you!” His heart deteriorated as I explained Daddy’s role. Becoming a mother was an beautiful, unimaginable gift. Overwhelming love and emotion burst through the wonder of God’s grace and merciful blessings of a child. I never…

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How is the Weight of Loss Lifted at Christmas Time?


Goodmourningmama.comDo you see the weight next to Connor? It is holding the snowman behind us down. That’s what grief feels like, a huge, heavy weight. I ran my 1st 5K, eight years ago today. Connor was always up for an adventure, so when I mentioned running for chocolate he was IN! We were up before…

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Life long lessons from a grade school teacher.


Goodmourningmama.comWhen I was in grade school Physical Education class, we were instructed to run around the large field behind our school. I dreaded this! It was a huge amount of space to cover with my eight year old legs. I remember my teacher saying, “Lauri you always come in last! I want you to remember…

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Can you see the gift of His connections?


Goodmourningmama.comI am forever grateful for the connections made through loss. To see God connecting us, even before we need one another, is amazing. The night our son died, I was at a fundraiser for a mission trip, that our daughter had encouraged me to go on. That evening, we met the medical team with whom…

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Beauty and a Beastly Challenge


Goodmourningmama.comWe currently have three teenagers.  Those five words contain serious emotion for both them and us.  If you have been blessed with raising a teenager, you understand.  It’s been said that when young adults turn 25, they realize and appreciate their parents.  I’m not sure, as we have not experienced the age of 25.  Our…

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IS God Good With A Powerful NO?


Goodmourningmama.comIs God Good? Daily I hear how God is Good, in the context of:  I am blessed because God gave me what I prayed for.   A family praying for a child was told the baby had health issues and may not live.  Now, they are blessed with a healthy child.  God is GOOD.  …

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Dear Mama…


Goodmourningmama.comYour strength, beauty and grace shines.  Your unimaginable loss is never forgotten.  You are understood, loved and never alone .   Beautifully written by Kelli Clodfelter. “October 1, 2014… life was “normal”. I had no idea our world was about to take a dive into a journey no parent should ever understand. I had no…

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10 in 20


Goodmourningmama.comCOVID has been a catalyst for change among loss. SOOO MUCH CHANGE! Each time we are presented a significant opportunity, it’s formed in the crucible of crisis. What we are feeling, is grief. Ten years ago this month, two traumatized children stepped into our lives. Our party of five became seven over night. Good or…

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Be still and know…


Goodmourningmama.comToday we are celebrating a graduation. Without adoption, John & I would be sending our youngest to college next month.  I cannot imagine our home without children.  John said he could. 😂♥️ Last night, fears showed up as I slept. It still shocks me to realize what trauma does to the heart and mind. Milestones…

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