Mama Grief

Mama Grief

February 29, 2020 1 By MamaC

Forgot what joy was, it all but tore.

Poured my soul, to the child no more.

Exhausted in trying to make it right.

Feels like life is always a fight.

Remembering back to better days

When life was not a constant haze.

They say true love is never lost.

Our savior, already paid the cost.

Prayers were answered by the light, 

Lungs released, as they were tight.

Honesty has become a pain to bear.

No room for lies, no need for repair.

Life passing by, not a chance.

We owe this time a second glance.

The light of truth, can you see?

Do you believe in eternity?

I will see him again someday.

This, I will, forever pray.

Peace & Blessings,


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