Rainbow Reflection

Rainbow Reflection

October 20, 2019 1 By MamaC

Last night, on my way to our “Chosen to Shine” fundraiser, I looked up, saw a breathtaking sky and stopped to take a photo.  The sun was peeking through the clouds.  My phone could not capture the full beauty! Shortly after I arrived, the person that was leading the event walked in and excitedly asked if we had seen the HUGE double rainbow in the sky.  We raced outside, but did not see them.

I smiled. We did not know each other.  She did not know our story.  I shared with her that the day our son was born, as we drove to the hospital, we witnessed an amazing double rainbow shining in the sky.   It poured down rain as we drove him to college, yet just as we arrived, the rain eased into a rainbow covering the sky above us.  I’ll always remember him saying, “Mom, look out your window!”  We felt it was a sign that all would be well.  Nine short weeks later, he was hit by a car crossing the street and left this earth.

I smiled, because I know that he was experiencing something far more in heaven than I could ever imagine here on earth.  The rainbow.  God’s promise.  Simply beautiful.  Five years ago yesterday was our first day without our sweet boy.  God gifts us reminders of HIS love each day. 

Walk outside, look up, be happy.  Be grateful.  Be kind.  Be-you-tiful you.   

Peace & Blessings, 


I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.  Genesis 9:13

Photo:  Double rainbow ~ January, 2019 on our Chosen to Shine mission in Honduras, since we missed the one last night.  🙂  Chosentoshine.org

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